5 Gifts You Need To See!

5 Gifts You Need To See!

We’ve been carefully gathering and curating our wares, filling the Nifty Package Co shelves with too many treasures to list! We’ve had so much fun shopping locally and connecting with small businesses that we love to support. Some businesses we’ve fallen head over heels with include Bambu Earth, Black Market Bakery, Green Tree, The Mixing Glass, Valenza Chocolatier, Mixed-Bakery, and Captain Roasty. Last week we were lucky enough to take a few pictures of some gorgeous gift possibilities, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek! Here are our top five picks:


New Baby Gift This thoughtful, beautiful and useful gift is the perfect thing to send brand new parents.


Coffee Aficionado If they like their coffee black & strong, make sure to send them something sleek & stylish.


Fitness Buff If you’re into them, and they’re into fitness, you know what to do!


Client Gift Celebrate the closing in style with a hand-selected gift that matches your company colors.

Luxe Wine & Cheese When only the best will do, send them something marvelous!


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