Welcome to Nifty Package Co!

Welcome to Nifty Package Co!

Hey there!

Welcome to Nifty Package Co. I’m excited that you’re here!

My name is Michelle Hensley and I am the founder. I spent many years working a corporate job, caring for my family, and then eventually running a non-profit for the past several years. You might think what I should do now is take a long nap, instead of launching this gift business, hear me out!

All of us are born with gifts & passions, and first and foremost for me is the deep love I feel for my family. The joy I experience when I am with them is unparalleled; I’ll always put them first. My secondary passion is giving, in every sense of the word, and it is out of this passion that the principles behind NPC were born. I wanted to create a company that worked with truly amazing small businesses & entrepreneurs, that supported worthy charities with time & donations, and that nurtured the art of thoughtful giving in people’s hearts. I am absolutely in love with gratitude & the positive impact of giving, and crazy about creating unique gifts that build relationships between the recipient and the giver. In short, I love this stuff way too much not to share it with the world!

bowl that can be signed by a local artist for a unique corporate gift

I hope that you’ll give Nifty Package Co. a try the next time finding the perfect gift matters. Whether it’s a tiny sentimental package, or the gift of a lifetime, we’re here to help you make it happen in style!



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