7 surprising facts about ordering a gourmet gift basket!

7 surprising facts about ordering a gourmet gift basket!


Did you know that when you order a gift basket, most are pre packaged and food is non perishable for at least a year of shelf life?

At Nifty, we hand pack to order so that we can make any adjustments necessary and the items that go in the basket, are checked for freshness and excellent quality!

Did you know that most people when they receive a gift basket, they give it away? 

With a Nifty gift basket, everyone fights for it because the food, wine and products are excellent and well received. 

Did you know that most gift basket companies' notes are generally under shipping label and are missed most of the time by the recipient? 

Nifty hand writes out each note with care so that your recipient knows you took the time to order from such a great company! 

Did you know that we have eco-friendly and sustainable high quality bases such as wood and seagrass baskets that the recipient will use over and over again!

Did you know that most gift baskets when received do not look like the picture originally ordered from? 

Nifty wants the unboxing for your recipient to be just as beautiful as the picture you saw when you originally ordered. 

Did you know that Nifty ships worldwide and is trusted by some of the most notable people in the world! 

Give us a call or email today and we can even make a custom gift basket just for your recipients’ likes and loves! 










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