8 Perfect Thank you Gifts!

8 Perfect Thank you Gifts! - Nifty Package Co

These days, it seems to us that the art of the “thank you” note or gift has fallen out of fashion. However, it is always in good taste to extend a thank you to someone who has done something for you. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way, and the feeling of being truly appreciated can’t be matched. We have found that a thought out gift goes a long way toward building strong relationships. Here are eight proven ideas for thank you gifts!


1. A Meaningful Live Plant

    We love giving live plants in lieu of traditional flowers because they last longer and will remind the recipient of your kindness well after the gift is given. Here in Old Town Orange, CA, we have a particular fondness for the live plant options offered by a wonderful plant shop called The Potting Shed. 



    2. Famous and Cost Efficient Wines 

      Not much beats receiving a nice bottle of wine, especially when it’s a wine that was named after a daughter of a famous vintner, Chuck Wagner of Caymus Wines. I was able to taste the Emmolo wine and personally heard the story of its creation this past week while enjoying a Caymus Wine Dinner at a local farm to table restaurant here in Orange County, CA called Oceans and Earth. A beautiful bottle of Emmolo Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc is a wonderful gift to share with someone to say, "thank you." 



      3. Boutique Chocolates

        Who doesn’t love chocolate? Ethereal Confections creates award-winning treats that are sure to please any palette. These artisan chocolatiers love rolling up their sleeves to create their bean to bar chocolates from scratch, from searching for the perfect bean to scientifically creating the optimal process for chocolate making. We think their gorgeous treats make the perfect thank you gift. 



        4. Luxe Metal Goods

          When the occasion calls for something extra special, a beautiful art piece by Beatriz Ball could be the perfect pick, like this pressed metal fruit bowl. Her creations are crafted entirely by hand, one at a time, which results in a piece with that is completely unique.



          5. Handcrafted Soaps 

            Handcrafted skincare is such a luxurious gift to receive. Our personal favorite is Finchberry soaps because they use the earth's purest vegan and organic ingredients & they leave you glowing, naturally! Their unique and colorful bar soaps are a memorable and enjoyable gift for anyone! 



            6. Paper Goods

              Paper goods remain a constant favorite for gifting because of their traditional and timeless appeal. But, not just any note or stationary will do! For us, The Paper Basket is a win every time. Their handcrafted notes portray thoughtfulness and finesse.



              7. Magazine Subscriptions

                Magazines subscriptions can be an unexpectedly delightful gift to receive. They are a good pick when you are uncertain of the recipient’s tastes or that recipient already has just about everything! And, not that we’re asking for gifts, but if someone gave us a subscription to Real Simple we’d be over the moon.



                8. Natural Wax Candles

                  A carefully crafted candle encased in a metallic dip-painted cement cup is a statement piece that we love to give.  Paddywax candles are hand poured in the US, and they look as good as they smell! 


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