Heart Picnic Basket for Two (or more)

Heart Picnic Basket for Two (or more)

A picnic is another lost art but I think it is making a comeback!

I don't know about you, but I long for the simple life and I actually live it and this pandemic has shown us who and what is a priority, family and time. Preparing a picnic is not difficult but it does take a little planning and time. My family loves them! 

Start with a good basket, have you seen the Heart Picnic Basket? We have plenty here

Seriously, how can you not love this heart shaped picnic basket? Call me and I'll add the cheese, wine and fruit!  Or Veuve :)

Next, the food!

You can really make it special by adding some delicious strawberries and wonderful chocolates!

Heart Shaped Picnic Basket

How about a fun chicken and macaroni salad? Here is a great recipe for an Italian Greek salad. You can change things up a little and use Trader Joe's Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta, it's excellent. 

Another simple idea for this one would be to swing by your favorite Mother's Market, Wholefoods or even Albertsons and pick up an organic whole chicken, run home and peel it apart then toss in some balsamic then add some crackers, cheese, the White Stilton Cheese with Apricots from England from Trader Joe's is fabulous. 

If we've learned anything despite this pandemic, it is the value of family, love, community and friendship!  

Family Picnic

How about the location? 

Plan a little ahead for a great location that is green, lush, scenic possibly close to the restrooms....wisdom and even if raining, plan on the indoors! Nothing a little creativity can overcome. 

mason jars with food

Pack well! 

Mason jars are amazing and easy to use as well as easy to clean up! You can put deserts, salads, drinks, you name it! A cutting board, utensils and a beautiful table cloth will do wonders! 

Mosty, enjoy the moment!



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