Planned Randomness

Planned Randomness

Why do we like random acts of kindness? 

Something inside of us is drawn to stories of spontaneous kindness because kindness promotes gratitude, shows compassion, displays a selfless concern for the well-being of others. Kindness can even reduce stress, boost our immune system, and help reduce negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, and depression. When we practice these random acts of kindness, it starts a positive chain reaction that impacts our community.

Seth Godin says, "Kindness ratchets up. It leads to more kindness. It can create trust and openness and truth and enthusiasm and patience and possibility."

If you take a few minutes and think about a random act of kindness that someone did for you, what feeling did it produce?

About a year into my journey of care giving, I was driving back and forth from Orange County to a hospital in Riverside, where a specialist in melanoma was treating my husband. I was a little weary and my newer straightener went out. It seems like such a small problem, but it was big for me because of the difficult timing. I stopped at a salon so I could purchase a new one, and I asked if they could help me decide which one to get. I remember being on the brink of tears from being weary, and the man who owned the salon said, "I would like to just replace it myself." He proceeded to give me the straightener, and as soon as I got in my car I was crying tears of thankfulness. 

Random acts of kindness are most often remembered. They show thoughtfulness in a time when it isn't expected, and they create meaningful impact. When meeting with a new client just recently, we were able to create a plan of unexpected generosity based on who they are as a company and their message of caring for their amazing staff. 

This is where we can help you! Our company is here to create a plan for your acts of kindness, not only to those who are your clients both also to those who work and live alongside you. We take the time to be creative and strategic in random giving with a purpose.

You will find that it only takes one seed from one apple to grow a tree which produces many apples. 


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    I LOVE this!! You always spread so much sunshine. Thanks for sharing!

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