Small Gift Giveaway Strategy & Top of Mind Gifts

Small Gift Giveaway Strategy & Top of Mind Gifts - Nifty Package Co


In the United States, more money will be spent on giveaways this year than on amusement parks and arcades, dry cleaning, and coffee shops, according to this Fast Company article.

These small gifts are widely used and circulated, and the reason they are so popular is that they work effectively. Not all companies are able to do promotional radio spots or other high cost marketing, but it is feasible and possible for any size business to build business relationships through small gifts that say "thank you" or "thinking of you". Not every gift has to be costly, but all gifts should be well thought out. Effective giveaways should represent the company itself, but more importantly they should show the client that you care, regardless of whether or not they ever purchase from you. 

Nifty Package Co. partners with several businesses to implement strategic gifting to develop and strengthen their business relationships. One of these companies knew they needed to grow their sales, so they reached out to us for assistance. We discussed timing, a budget and a strategy for execution. Our thoughtful gifts have increased their sales and have successfully created good will for their brand.

Another person who utilizes our gifts all the time is a real estate agent. She is just spectacular! She is thoughtful in her timing by calling me a few weeks before a house closing. We create a beautifully designed closing gift, and every time she makes the mark. These gifts make her clients feel important, and she gets new referrals all the time. 

Here at Nifty Package Co., we can create gifts in all price ranges and for any budget. We can work with you in person or even over the phone to help you put together a gift plan with items that are fun and trendy and that communicate the message you as a company are trying to send. 

Here are a few ideas of what we have done for others and what we can do for you: 

Milk & Cookies! - Nifty Package Co

We love to help our clients! Contact us to start the conversation of how we can help your company utilize small gifts to grow your brand. 



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