St Valentine's Day

St Valentine's Day

While walking into Old Town Orange, down the street to this small little shop, MMD, where inside there is another cute shop, Soft Goods, that was a lot of info, I was behind this sweet little couple and was instantly reminded of Valentine's Day. It has slipped my mind in a personal sense, although I love what it stands for and sent off my children's valentines already, I forgot about it.

When I first spotted them, she had her arm on his shoulder, and then she moved her hand down, he then grabbed her hand. It was one of the sweetest things I've seen. The whole world has stopped for them to show affection. I walked a little faster and caught up with them and put my arm on hers and said, "I don't mean to startle you, but I took a picture of you, can I share it?" She said yes. I told her it was beautiful to see them and that it brought tears to my eyes. She said she did not know how much time they had because he was slowly declining in health. I said, "Keep doing what you're doing."


A few years back on the first year of the loss of my husband, of my boys surprised me and took me out to an exceptional dinner on Valentine's down by the water with a seat looking out over the busy street and water in the distance. He secretly called ahead of time and told the server about bringing me in for dinner.  The sacrifice of his time and his money to make me not think about my first Valentine's Day alone in many years, was a blessing.

It is not my life at this point to necessarily have a Valentine myself and the possibility is high that I never will but I have enjoyed the holiday in the past and took full use of it. I suggest you take advantage of the day with your sweetheart. Don't feel sorry for me, seriously or others in a similar position whether a widow or single but benefit from what you have because someday you might not be able to enjoy it. Some moments can have some sadness, but overall, I am not sad. The Lord has blessed me despite the loss of my husband with wonderful family and friends around me.

The real story behind Valentine's Day isn't necessarily about romance but sacrifice.

The legend is about a Catholic priest named Valentine, during the reign of Claudius Gothicus. Supposedly, St. Valentine intervened on behalf of young men who could not marry their sweethearts during the time of 270 AD because they were thought to be better soldiers if not married. He then helped them secretly marry in Christian churches. Because of his intervention, he was found and eventually killed, however, before his death, he prayed over a young woman and while in prison, he wrote her a note that said, "from your Valentine."

I don't know if all of this is true either way, love that person you're with even they are difficult or suffering themselves, or if you are suffering, hold their hand, kiss their face and show love because you never know what a day holds.

Also, if you need a good idea for this upcoming holiday of love and sacrifice, here is one here using our lovely heart picnic basket. 



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