Talent Retention Strategy with a Custom Employee Gift Microsite

Talent Retention Strategy with a Custom Employee Gift Microsite


Employee Choice Gift Program

Retaining employees and great talent is one of the biggest challenges employers face right now. The competition for talent is more difficult than ever, and qualified job seekers are snapped up by companies looking to fill positions just like our current housing market. Also, turnover is increasing. Not only does this have an effect on the staff themselves but how about their customers and even the culture of the company? 

How do you keep this from happening or what is the core reason? 

Some recognition efforts can positively improve these relationships, leading to improved tenure rates and employee satisfaction.

I think most of us know that recognizing those that work for us, is important, how we do it is also important

Some ideas are:

  1. Feedback from the staff and a willingness to listen, a win win such as Stephen Covey mentions in his bestseller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People for both the professional and personal side of the staff.
  2. Provide ongoing education and a path for growth.
  3. Be transparent and open.
  4. Leverage your technology and invest in new technology.
  5. Offer good benefits.
  6. Use employee data, questions and implement suggestions. 
  7. Offer incentive programs for the staff, their demographics and the culture. 

Creating gifts for the employees is very important right now. The “choice is king” is what is happening.  

Creating a microsite for a company is great where you can present a gift program for staff where they can choose from a variety of gift options and even gifts with events around them. 

This is something we do. We work with your culture, your demographic, your timing and your budget. 

Nifty in 2020/2021 did this with Acorn  for their 400 employees. We designed a microsite gift page for several demographics and age groups. We did AB testing to know who chose which gift. We had different positions as well so the C-Suite Executives who chose which gift they prefer.  Of these gifts, some were locally made gifts, some were hand made from a designer, some were name brands such as Pendleton and Herschel. This is big with Covid-19 and working differently than just giving a gift card. 

There is another option, prepare for the holidays in advance. You know you will have to do something, you might as well prepare ahead of time. 

We offer mobile gift wrapping  and a gift wrap pop up. We can come to your office, or your home and set up to wrap on site or pick up and bring back.  

We provide a service of promotional items and then can fulfill them. 

Here is a list of what we do from concept to creation and also can take your items and wrap and ship or deliver for you. 

Let's get started!






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