Teamwork in Gifting

Teamwork in Gifting

"None of us is as smart as all of us." --Ken Blanchard

At NPC, we understand the value of teamwork. Thank you gifts, hospitality gifts, and even holiday gifts are most effective when executed by a team, and that team includes you, our clients!

The act of giving is so much more important than the actual gift. However, going that extra mile to create a customized gift for each individual recipient helps because now that gift has more meaning. When a client emails or calls to order gifts from NPC, they give me as much detail as they can about the recipient and why they are gifting. When this happens, then we can design something uniquely custom for that individual person.

In his book Giftology, John Ruhlin gives a great example, saying, "If a husband wants to give a gift to his wife but [the gift] has his name on it, she won't be too happy or she might put it away and never bring it out." The husband would be more effective in creating the gift based on the needs of the recipient, his wife, instead of with his own interests in mind. This recipient-based gifting is one of our main goals here at NPC.

Personalized gifts do not have to be expensive either. I send out little inexpensive thank you gifts, and I always receive an email back thanking me. The best gifts are made when the person who is ordering works together with us, as we research the client and the amazing NPC team designs a beautiful creation, whether big or small. 

This past week, we had an excellent example of this kind of team work. One of our Nifty Package Co. team members, Danielle, received a call from a new client who found us on Yelp. Danielle obtained all of the important detailed information about the client and the gift recipient, then she passed it along to me. I then discussed this information with one of our awesome NPC gift designers, Karin. This gift in particular was a special wedding gift basket from the groom's company. We had a lot of fun designing the gift while keeping in mind the personalized information that this client gave about the happy couple. Our delivery team then hand delivered this gift to the hotel, so when the couple arrived in their room, there was this beautiful gift basket filled with organic fresh fruit, handblown glasses, elderberry sparking wine, crackers, cheese, chocolates and many other treats to start their new life together! Our teamwork created another successful gift!

The most rewarding part of the process is when the client sends me a text or email telling me the recipient loved the gift. That is exactly what we want and is what happens when everyone works together. Now, we want to work with you to create some amazing custom gifts for your specific clients, contacts, or personal connections.  

We hope you will let us be part of your team, because we see you as part of ours as we perpetuate kindness and generosity together in our community. 



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