The Small Things Matter!

The Small Things Matter!


Think about the last time you smelled a flower, saw a child laugh, or received a compliment that made you smile. Author Chris Bohjalian said, “Life is filled with small moments that seem prosaic until one has the distance to look back and see the chain of large moments they unleashed.” Just the other day, I got my car serviced, and when I picked it up, the service department had washed my car inside and out. It was a small gesture, but I was so thankful that I sent a note to the man who helped me. 

Gifts don't have to be large to be effective. There are many small things we can do or notice along life's way, and we have the choice to recognize and act on them.

Thoughtful Gifts

One of my friends had a wonderful idea. She put together small gifts for the homeless with a snack, water and sunscreen. It has been very hot here in So Cal, so these small items speak volumes to those who need them.

In some situations, budget constrictions dictate a need for small gifts. However, this seeming "restriction" encourages us to use our creative juices to accomplish a project. We just did a project for a client who had a specific budget for a client gift for the start of the holiday season. They requested a gift that would be unique, branded, and could withstand the outside heat without melting. NPC came up with huckleberry candy canes, which emphasized their corporate colors, with a custom note. The cost was under $4 each, and it fulfilled the client's vision for the gifts.

Precious Words 

Words of affirmation and gratitude are seemingly small but have a great impact. They are free and cost only your thought and time. Think about the last time someone affirmed you in either your actions or character. We hear enough about what we don't do well, so encouragement goes a long way in any situation.

Some examples of effective words of affirmation:

I have noticed how kind you are!

You have such wisdom to share.

You are so thoughtful! 

You're doing great; don't give up!

You are so creative.

Small Packages

I love small packages! They can be costly depending on what is in the box, but sometimes small packages are more valuable than anything. NPC welcomed this month a small package: Ivy Anastasia. Danielle, our creative director, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, who also happens to be my newest granddaughter. She is what I call a perfect package!




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