Gift Like a Boss

Gift Like a Boss

When considering gratitude and thankfulness, it is easy to have good intentions, but it is often difficult to follow through. Our busy schedules cause us to put gratitude on the back burner, or we think that effective thankfulness will cost too much.  Although our desire is to thank the client, associate, or friend, we often struggle with fulfilling the action. 

Actively giving thanks and showing gratitude should always be at the forefront of our minds.

There is a friend of mine who runs a non-profit and is very successful at receiving grants and donations. When I was running a non-profit, she taught me a very wise concept that has never left my mind: "Thank before you bank." I did not deposit checks until I had sent out a thank you first. To this day, I continue to make sure that I thank the clients and customers of Nifty Package Co. I do this not for the client, but primarily to remind myself that every dollar, every order, and every person is important.

We must make it a habit to express thankfulness and appreciation in all parts of life on a regular basis, for both the big and small things alike. Then, as we concentrate on what we have, which includes clients, staff, friends, and businesses, the concern of what we don't have will disappear. 

Here are some great ideas on gifting like a boss:

Thoughtful Simplicity

"I was given a gift card to Whole Foods when I first moved to NYC. I was broke and it covered my groceries for a week.”  -Lindsay S.

Simple acts of kindness and gratefulness are so important and should be well thought out. I have a very large family, so I have to continually focus on special dates and birthdays. Although I don't always do it perfectly, I try to plan gifts accordingly by utilizing my calendar and spending time in thought. Instead of thinking about what is easiest and least expensive, I consider what will have the greatest impact both to the recipient and to me as the giver. 

Optimal Timing

The most memorable gifts are those that are noticed and unexpected. If you want to be remembered, timing is everything. 

When I have the opportunity, I ask many different types of people when, how, and what kind of gifts they like and what the worst gifts they have received were. Generally, their reply is that their favorite gift was one that was least expected and not during a major holiday, because they get the most gifts then. Also, most of the time, the gifts they receive around the holidays are gift baskets bought from an online store with food they don’t eat or want.  Although gifts during this season can be fun and enjoyable, their impact is lessened because of their frequency and normalcy.

Unique Creativity

Successful gifts initiate conversation. 

There are many gifts you can give to initiate a conversation without breaking the bank. Our experienced and talented gift curators can work with any vision and budget to create beautiful gifts that leave an impressive impact with your recipients. Here at Nifty Package Co., we can help you come up with a gift strategy for the year, the month, or just for the day!



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