Handwritten Notes~We write for you!


Handwritten Notes

Nifty's writers allow you to scale and send your handwritten notes outreach, creating positive impressions and long lasting bonds. 

A beautiful handwritten note can actually make us more influential at work, in business, and in our own personal lives. It creates a positive sense of communication and has great influence on those both sending and receiving them.

Nifty Package Co. can save you time and help build relationships for a nominal fee. 

We can design something for you or use what you have to send out handwritten notes to your clients and vendors.

You can reach out to and we will begin the process of creating your custom note writing order.

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  • 1 card  -  $4.00 per card 

  • Postage is extra. 

  • Stuffing with anything other than the card is extra.

  • We can do 100 to 3,000.

  • You supply the pen if a special ink and paper if a special request.