7 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts Your Lady Would Love And Gift Ideas for Him

7 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts Your Lady Would Love And Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine's Day will be here soon. Have you found the perfect gift yet? If not, now is the time to start making some plans. There are plenty of Valentine's Day gift ideas that are perfect for her, as well as some that would be ideal for the man in your life. Here are seven suggestions for that special lady, plus a few that the ladies can use for the men they love.

Chocolate is decadent! 

A traditional Valentine's Day gift for her is bestowing a beautiful box of candy. In order to make this a hit, don't grab the first box you see. Take the time to find out what sort of candy is found inside. 


Chocolates may be perfect. If that's not what your beloved likes, then go with some other type of sweet. Toffees aren't traditional, but they are a nice twist if that happens to be your lady's favorite.

Nifty's Special Valentine's Day Gifts She Will Love:

  • Stunning Delight
    A gift of wonderful taste and impeccable style for your special someone. This pretty wood round holds a bottle of crisp, fresh Chandon Brut California Sparkling Wine, along with two wine glasses, delicious candies and chocolates packaged in a black heart-shaped box, a sweet smelling soy wax candle and matches held in an apothecary jar. 
  • Dazzling Offering
    A beautiful abundance of fine taste, this item includes a bottle of Paso Robles Daou Rosé, inspired by the wines of Provence, France, to be poured in two wine glasses. Also includes a rose gold opener, a sleek heart-shaped box of chocolates, and a scented soy wax candle with matches held in a glass apothecary jar.
  • Sleek & Sumptuous
    Show your love in high style with this sleek gift that includes a bottle of Napa Valley’s Duckhorn Vineyards The Discussion accompanied by two wine glasses, a rose gold opener, a gorgeous heart-shaped box of sumptuous chocolates, and a beautifully scented soy candle with matches held in a glass apothecary jar. 
  • Lovely Extravagance
    An exquisite gift for Valentine's Day, this item includes a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne, two long-stem flutes, a heart-shaped box of sumptuous chocolates, and a beautifully scented soy candle with matches held in a glass apothecary jar.

    All wrapped in a stylish wood round with black shred for a stunning presentation. Also includes a hand-written note card with a message of your choice.


A husband will do well to consider the idea of a piece of jewelry as a Valentine's Day gift for his wife. The good news is that you can do some sleuthing at home and get some ideas of what she might like to add to her collection. All it takes is checking out what she keeps in her jewelry box. 


Remember to draw inspiration from the pieces she tends to wear most often. If she likes white gold more than yellow gold, that's important to remember. If her favorite pieces tend to be more subtle rather than showy, that's the direction you want to go. The point is to give her jewelry that fits her tastes and that she will be happy to wear. 


Depending on what you select, consider having it engraved with a short message that has special meaning for the two of you. It could be as simple as both of your initials, a proclamation of your love, or a romantic quote that resonates with both of you.


It's hard to imagine a day for lovers that doesn't involve flowers. In fact, this is one of the top gift ideas for Valentine's Day, as well as one of the most traditional. You can keep it traditional by going with red roses, but there's no rule that says you have to go this route.


Your beloved may enjoy cutting flowers but happens to be less than fond of roses. For today, why not go with flowers she happens to love? Doing so is a sign that you pay attention to what pleases her the most and is likely to make the day better for both of you. 


What if your beloved isn't much for cut flowers at all? If she happens to enjoy gardening or keeping potted plants around, there's no reason why you can't provide a rose plant. Consider the idea of a mini-rose bush in a beautiful pot. Pair it with some other token of your love, and Valentine's Day will be off to a good start. 


Your jobs mean that slipping away for a romantic getaway isn't practical right now, but that doesn't mean you can offer something for the two of you to do in town. To that end, consider the idea of arranging for a spa day that the two of you can enjoy together. Plan it for a Saturday or Sunday when work and other distractions are not in the way. 


There are many spas that offer couple's days. All you have to do is come up with a combination of treatments that you think your beloved will enjoy. From there, it's just a matter of shutting the rest of the world out for a few hours and concentrating on relaxing and enjoying time spent together. 


Another way to celebrate together is going out for dinner at a favorite restaurant and following it with tickets to a show. It can be a local live production, such as a play or a musical. If so, consider making it the type of evening where you both dress up and spend the night on the town. 


For those who prefer to keep things more casual, pick a restaurant where you can wear something less formal. The show can still be a play at the local community theater or even a movie that she's been wanting to see. The point is to spend time with one another, no matter what the setting happens to be. 


While Valentine's Day may fall on a workday, it may be an earlier night than either of you would like. Remember that you can go with something simple if schedules are crowded. Bring flowers and maybe a gift box that includes the show tickets and something about the dinner reservations for the upcoming Saturday. That gives her something to enjoy now and something to look forward to in a few days.


It's no secret that lingerie is a big item around Valentine's Day. In fact, some may say that lingerie is as much a Valentine's Day gift for him as it is for her. Without a doubt, this is something that both of you can enjoy.


When selecting lingerie, remember that it's not your choice of colors but hers. The same goes for material choices. If she's more into satin than lace, that's the direction you want to pursue. Go for something that you believe she will find comfortable, like the way it fits, and in general, convey how much you love the way she looks. That could lead to a night both of you remember.


Whatever your plans for the evening, consider getting where you want to go in style. Leave the cars at home, and have a limo service pick the two of you up. Make sure there's champagne, fresh fruit, and other amenities ready for the two of you to enjoy. Streaming some of the most romantic tunes, including whatever happens to be "your" song, is a nice touch too. 


With someone else handling the driving, the two of you can concentrate on one another. See it as a great way to set the mood for that romantic dinner and whatever is planned. It will also be nice to spend time together while the limo driver makes sure both of you get home safely. 


Much of the focus for Valentine's Day is on the ladies. How about the men? In fact, boyfriends and husbands don't have to be neglected on this special day. Here are some suggestions for a Valentine's Day gift for your husband that's sure to please. They also make great 

Valentine's Day gift ideas for a boyfriend too. 


Food is always a welcome gift for any guy. It could be a basket loaded with goodies to enjoy while watching a sporting event. Feel free to include snacks, beers, and anything else that you know he likes. You can bet it will be appreciated. 


Another big hit is a gift of tickets to upcoming sporting events. If he has a favorite team and season tickets are on sale now, grab them. Before you do, see if it's possible to find out where he likes to sit and go for those seats. Remember to get two tickets for each game; that means he can take you or a friend along. 


Last, dinner and a movie will likely work just fine. Since this is for him, go with a movie that has to do with some of his interests. If he's into science fiction, that's what you shoot for. The same is true if he likes action and adventure. Opt for his favorite place to grab something to eat, even if it happens to be a sports bar rather than a fine dining establishment. 


While Valentine's Day is a happy time for many people, it can also be difficult for others. That's especially true for someone who has recently lost his or her beloved. Even if months have passed, facing that first Valentine's Day without that loved one isn't easy. 


Perhaps you know someone who is facing this situation. Instead of saying nothing or going with more romantic gifts, consider providing something that will help lift his or her spirits. That will mean going with a Valentine's Day gift that has less to do with romance and more with calling attention to a love that continues to endure. 


This doesn't necessarily mean saying nothing about the departed loved one. There are ways to remember and celebrate the life they had together. Take your cues from the bereaved, and you can help make the day a little easier to bear. 


While it's possible to find a last-minute Valentine's day gift that works, don't depend on it. A better approach is to put some thought into the gift ahead of time. Doing so means you have more options and a better chance of settling on something that will truly delight that special person in your life. Start today, and the odds of being happy with the outcome are much higher. 


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