Fine Lines and Gorilla Warfare

Fine Lines and Gorilla Warfare

While walking through the PPAI Show (promotions show) I noticed that those in the booths were not approaching me but let me approach them which in this situation I appreciate because the show is very big and takes a good few days at least to walk. One gentleman had a different thought, he came out of his booth and said, “Would you like some face cream?” I responded with, “No, thank you.” He then responded with, “Don’t you want to get rid of those fine lines I see?” After the shock wore off from this dumb statement, I responded with, “No, I like my fine lines, each line represents a laugh, some joy, hardship, difficulties, grandchildren, sons and worry but no, I like them!” That is not the best way to make a sale but because I my birthday is today, I tend to write about life. Like one of my wonderful team mates said, “that wasn’t marketing, that was gorilla warfare!” 


 I’m ok showing you my wrinkles, my grey, the side is growing older, the side of maturing, the side of trials, afflictions and difficulties, the side of love, the side of years of hard work, raising a family, serving the poor, counseling those in need of a listening ear, of being a grandmother, and a mom. The side of hugs and kisses from my grandchildren as they run into my arms and the love notes that they leave around my house. The side of fear, will I survive financially, will I become a bag lady (which is a phenomenon for all women whatever the financial life).


The side of abasing and the side of abounding.


If you haven't watched Brave, I highly recommend it. Watching it with my grandchildren a while back it brought some reflective thoughts to me. I love when I spend time with my grandchildren because I stop working and focus entirely on them. They all gather around and sit on me or by me. The story is about mom and her daughter and their relationship. I can still relate to that as a parent where she wanted her daughter to "fit in." I just want everything to be perfect and then I realized over the years that life isn't about perfection, life is about freedom and liberty. Freedom to be who you are and liberty for your children. Yes, right and wrong are very important but freedom to be themselves and freedom for me as I age.


As I am changing into a more mature, and loving it, adult, I can feel the wisdom behind the gray. I was having a conversation with a person doing my hair and he said that he had a man just come in who was looking for a job and said, "Please color my hair so I won't look to old while applying for positions." I don't want to do that myself. Behind my years of working, years of loss, the gap between corporate and where I am headed, no, I want the gray. I love the challenge of listening to all the podcasts, reading the articles and books on the new demographics of boomers struggling to get jobs after great success but I refuse to get discouraged and see those challenges. I think being a realist is important, using wisdom, decreasing spending and investing automatically is important as you age but don't lose hope, don't give up. In the face of adversity, brush your shoes off and keep walking embrace your reality but build your new reality.


I don’t want to present a picture of perfection. I want to present a picture of reality. I am not a "suit," type person, I used to be not any longer. I love dresses for galas, I love dresses for work when I want to wear them, I love skirts but I also love jeans. The face of corporate America is changing and we can each change with it in a positive way despite life's adversity. Look at your wrinkles as battle wounds, as blessings, as hope, inspiration for the younger generation and be you!


Growing older greysfully. The red is almost all gone and the entire top is silver grey with a hint of red. I have to say I am enjoying the change. I love maturing, I love the trend of being me, wrinkles and all. I say embrace it! 


I want to be a lighthouse fine lines and all! I want to be a living hope and inspire those that feel marginalized, those that feel hopeless matter what is happening in your life. I can only do this as I accept my own personal changes, embrace them and if the golden years have turned into a silver tsunami, then let's ride it not drown in it.


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